How I can help your business

I can save you money and help you plan ahead. My advice has been invaluable to many businesses particularly with the services I offer below.

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There are several notable areas where I might be able to help you including the following:


Disputes with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

This could quite easily arise if you have just had a visit by a VAT Officer and this did not quite go as smoothly as you had expected. The VAT Officer may have spotted an error in your records, which indicates that, in the past, you have not paid over to HMRC the right amount of VAT when submitting a VAT return. This is precisely the kind of situation where I can advise you as to whether an ensuing VAT assessment and penalty are correct.


VAT Reviews

I have assisted clients in many ways, in carrying out a review of their records and systems, sometimes specifically to ease their worries after they have been contacted by HMRC for the purposes of an imminent VAT ‘inspection’ or ‘assurance visit’. Some clients have simply not known what to expect when faced with their first VAT visit especially if they have recently set the business up and have calculated that they are due a significant VAT refund when submitting their first return(s).

Being prepared for what to expect from a VAT Officer from HMRC can take away all the stress and strain that some businesses unnecessarily experience when faced with a visit from HMRC. The review could be extensive and cover the whole of your business activities or it may be that there is just one problem area that you need to resolve.


VAT and other Periodic Returns

The majority of businesses are required to submit quarterly VAT returns, whilst others can submit monthly ones. VAT-registered businesses in the UK that sell goods or provide certain services to VAT-registered businesses in other EU Member States will also have to submit additional monthly or quarterly returns (known as EC Sales Lists) to HMRC. The same businesses may also be required to submit monthly Intrastat declarations for goods sent to other EU Member States and different monthly Intrastat declarations could also be required for those businesses which bring goods into the UK from other EU Member States.

I already submit a number of VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat declarations on behalf of different clients, whilst also assisting various others by checking return details before their submission. I could help you to do the same, for a very reasonable fee!


VAT Consultancy - Specific Transactions

I have assisted many clients over the last twenty years by advising them on specific transactions or jobs. Land and property deals readily spring to mind as typically potentially costly situations if a mistake is made or a vital factor is overlooked.

Commercial property deals can be very convoluted and tricky when it comes to determining the correct VAT treatment. Ignorance of the law, as with most other taxes, is not a viable defence and if you fail to charge VAT on (for example) a property when it should be charged, you could end up having to pay the VAT even if you have not charged it!

Given that the standard rate of VAT is now 20% an error on your part (or your adviser’s) could be very costly indeed, especially when interest and penalties are imposed. I can assist in preventing what could be very costly mistakes!

VAT Registration

I have assisted many businesses to register for VAT by submitting an application on line. VAT registration is not as simple or as quick as it used to be. This is mainly as a direct result of VAT ‘Carousel’ frauds which now mean that HMRC must go to some length in carrying out certain checks before they will actually accept an application for registration these days. Applications that once upon a time could be dealt with in a few days can now take weeks, even months, to be dealt with. I can therefore advise or assist with completion of the different forms that may need to be completed as well as advising whether a voluntary registration might be better for your business.


In Conclusion

So, I hope that I have given you a flavour of the kinds of situations where I may be able to help you. I am completely independent though I do have a small number of accountancy firms that regularly contact me, sometimes with very quick queries that are dealt with immediately and normally without charge. On other occasions specific advice is required and it is then up to them or their clients as to whether they require my services but, as an independent adviser, I can be very competitive when it comes to fees!  I am just a telephone call 01254 694320 or an e-mail or a letter away.